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Changing Lives Through Horses

"I can not support and promote this scheme enough. Our daughter has a been doing this since it started and for child who is not attending school due to some difficult challenges and needs it has given her a new lease and passion.

It gets her out, about, active, engaging and learning. It has been a total revolution for her and a joy to see the transformation there has been in her because of it. Thank you Pinkmead".

"We have been attending Pinkmeads’ Changing Lives Through Horses program weekly since it began and has been life changing for my daughter. She has autism and additional needs, and has been unable to attend a school setting for months due to anxiety low confidence and bullying, this programme has made a positive change in her life. She looked forward to attending every week which is massive for her.

Harriet is amazing and everyone at Pinkmead treat her with respect and kindness. I would recommend anyone to give this a go."

The British Horse Society Changing Lives Through Horses is an educational programme, designed to develop life skills and academic achievement through an equine environment. 

The programme is suitable for young people, aged 5-25, who have special needs and may be either permanently excluded, or at risk of exclusion in its widest sense, and those who are not in employment, education, or training (NEET). They may also be at risk of becoming socially excluded with income below the poverty line and without the skills to improve their economic situation. 

The CLtH programme uses a range of awards and achievements within a professional equine setting linked to the school curriculum, but focused and structured towards promoting holistic development and nurturing six life skills: building relationships, communication, confidence, responsibility, teamwork, and perseverance. 

For more information, please get in touch or download a referral form here.

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