Monday evenings - times starting from 5pm
Monday 21st March
Intro A & Prelim 1
Monday 11th April
Intro B & Prelim 12 or Novice 24
Monday 16th May
Intro A & Prelim 7
Monday 13th June
Intro C & Prelim 13 or Novice 27
Monday 11th July
Intro B & Prelim 2
Monday 15th August
Intro A & Prelim 14 or Novice 28
Monday 12th September
Intro C & Prelim 7
Schedule will be available soon 
Entries taken by phone on  01489 783087
Phonelines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm or
email info@pinkmead.co.uk

Times available online on Friday before competition

Simply Event Photos will be on site taking photos viewable on their website to purchase after the event