Pony Stars


Adventure, fun and friendship starts with ponies 


We are proud to be an official BHS Pony Stars Junior Challenge Awards [Approved Centre / APC / Club]. We deliver The British Horse Society (BHS) programme which aims to help under 12s discover, develop, and nurture their love for ponies and the outdoors. With over 100 topics for children to explore, Pony Stars will ignite a passion for ponies, build knowledge and cement friendships that will last a lifetime.

As part of the programme, each child will receive their very own My Challenge Book to log their achievements which takes around 12-18 months to complete. With four key groups, Pony Stars enables long-term progression with a range of activities that will develop knowledge, skills, and self-confidence. To download the full syllabus for each group visit bhs.org.uk/ponystars

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Shetland Striders 

Shetland Striders will work towards badges that will develop their passion for caring for all animals, wildlife, people and the environment, and develop skills like handling ponies and which build confidence. They will work through topics within six themes which can be completed in any order to suit their individual preferences.

Level: Beginners and Level 1 riders 

Dates: 12th and 19th April 10am-12:30pm 

Cost: £100 for the two Easter dates

£27.50 for the Shetland Striders pack, badges, bag and rosette. 


Dartmoor Dazzlers

Dartmoor Dazzlers will try new things as they learn about how to look after ponies and have a deeper understanding of animal welfare and responsibility. Their riding will progress as they begin to discover how much more fun there is to be had with their riding. 

Level: Experienced Level 1 and Level 2 riders  

Dates: 12th and 19th April 10am-12:30pm 

Cost: £100 for the two Easter dates

£27.50 for the Dartmoor Dazzler pack, badges, bag and rosette. 


Welshie Whizzers

Welshie Whizzers will understand the responsibility in caring for horses and ponies all year round – ensuring happy, healthy ponies. They will also begin to explore issues they really care about and know how to use their voice and actions to make a real difference.

Level: Level 3 and experienced Level 2 riders 

Dates: 14th and 21st April  10am-12:30pm 

Cost: £100 for the two Easter dates

£27.50 for the Welshie Whizzer pack, badges, bag and rosette. 


Connemara Champs

Connemara Champs will be more independent with their ability to ride, handle and work around ponies. They will have developed a range of riding skills through fun activities and be considerate to their pony’s comfort by learning about tack fit and care. 

Level: Level 4 riders and above 

Age: 5 years 

Dates: 14th and 21st April  10am-12:30pm 

Cost: £100 for the two Easter dates

£27.50 for the Connemara Champs pack, badges, bag and rosette.