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e-riders online dressage League

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We  have joined E-Riders Online Dressage Riding School League for 2024! E-Riders is an online platform enabling riders to compete against others all over the world from the comfort of their own arena. 

We are pleased to offer private lesson riders the chance to join the online E-Riders Dressage Riding Schools League for 2024.

Simply enter online on the E-Riders website (click here to view) and then let your instructor know which class you have entered and your instructor can then video you test for you to submit. 

Your test will then be judged by an E-Riders judge and you receive your test sheet, placing and points in their Riding School League. 


Once you have your private lesson booked, take a look at the online schedules, choose your class (from the Riding School League) and enter online on the E-Riders website.


Let your instructor know which class you have entered and what test, and during your lesson, your instructor will video your test on your phone, for you to upload on the E-Riders website or Facebook page. 


Sit back and wait for your results, test sheet and rosettes! Results and uploaded on the E-riders Facebook page and riders portal.

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