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Online Dressage

Dressage horse and rider.jpg

We are excited to introduce our monthly online dressage competitions for clients of any age taking part in private lessons. This is a great opportunity to experience competing along with goal setting, improving your riding, starting to develop an understanding of how a horse should work in the arena and of course the enjoyment of just being in the saddle!


You will be able to practice your chosen test with your instructor in your lessons and when you are ready they will video on your smart phone for your to upload to YouTube for us to judge.  Winners will be announced shortly after, with points accumulated towards our Championship Show in October. 



March- results are now available- click here to view

April - results are now available - click here to view 

May- results now available- click here to view

June - Intro C and Prelim 12

July- Intro A and Prelim 1

August- Intro B and Prelim 7

September- Intro C and Prelim 13

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